Old Country Song CD - Autographed

$ 20.00

CD cover personally autographed by Wade Hayes

Track listing:

1.) Can't Get Close Enough To You
2.) Full Moon Summer Night
3.) I Wish I Still Drank
4.) What You Need From Me
5.) Needed The Rain
6.) Old Country Song
7.) I Don't Understand (All I Know About Love)
8.) Julia
9.) She Knows Me
10.) Going Where The Lonely Go

Produced By Wade Hayes & Dave McAfee
Conabor Records

Cut-By-Cut Commentary By Wade Hayes

  1. Can’t Get Close Enough to You is a song I wrote with Clint Ingersol years ago. I think I did it once at a writers night and had totally forgotten about it.  My friend Helen Neal ask me about recording it for this project as she had remembered it all these years. I’m glad she did because it’s one of my favorites on this album
  2. Full Moon Summer Night is a song I wrote with Mark Collie. I literally got the idea one night standing outside looking at the sky and smelling the honeysuckle. It brought back some wonderful memories of being young. Mark was awesome to write with.
  3. I Wish I Still Drank is a song I wrote after a friend of mine told me one of the funniest true stories I’d ever heard- I knew I had to write a song around it. Lee Roy Parnell was actually there when it happened, so naturally, I had to have him play the slide solo on it. He killed it.\
  4. What You Need From Me is a song I came across years ago when I was trying to get my friend Megan Mullins another deal of her own. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. The people we met with played us the song and ask us to work it up for them. I fell in love with the song years ago and finally got the chance to record it with Megan.
  5. We Needed the Rain is a song a friend of mine Alicia sent to me, and I loved it from day one. It was written by Chris Stapleton, and I really got to stretch out vocally for me.
  6. Old Country Song, the title track was written by my old friend and writing partner Roger Springer. Mike Owens sent me the song and I knew I had to record it. This song is brilliant in my opinion.
  7. All I Know was also written by Roger and Tim. I heard the song again when I was down in Oklahoma visiting Roger at his theater and ask him if I could cut it on this record. I had forgotten how much I liked it!
  8. Julia was one of my favorite Conway songs written by my first producer Don Cook and John Jarvis. Megan and I were backstage warming up and we started singing it out of the blue. I really just enjoyed singing and playing it. I never forgot how I enjoyed it that day and decided to record it. It’s another one of my favorites on their project.
  9. She Knows Me is another song I wrote yeas ago, and always kinda liked what it said. Don cook suggested after hearing it one day that I do an uptempo version of it, so I rewrote it and did just that.
  10. Going Where the Lonely Go is one of my favorite Hag tunes. His passing was still pretty present in my mind when we were cutting so I decided to do it. It is also special to me because my favorite guitar picker in town and I are trading solos on the end. His are the good ones:-)

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